Mental Heath Monday: Fraying at the Edges (A MUST READ)

Alzheimer's patient Geri Taylor. (photo by Michael Kirby Smith for the New York Times)

Alzheimer’s patient Geri Taylor. (photo by Michael Kirby Smith for the New York Times)

A friend sent me a link to an incredible article in the New York Times:

Fraying at the Edges: Her Fight to Live with Alzheimer’s

I was initially going to share a few pull quotes and make some comments and observations about the article, but the day has taken over my time for writing, and the piece is very long, so I don’t want to cut into your reading time. It’s a MUST READ for anyone who is a caregiver for someone with Alzheimer’s, or a potential caregiver or patient. Incredibly well written account.

And one more link, this time to the “Your Health” column in the Memphis Commercial Appeal:

Family history raises risk of Alzheimer’s only slightly

My husband knows the Harvard physician who wrote the column and is impressed with him.
That’s all for today… just sharing information. Have a wonderful Bright Week! (week after Parscha for Orthodox Christians)




  • Thank you for these articles. And I love that is it called Bright Week! Bright with Light!

    May 3, 2016
    • Bright with light indeed, Sheila. Thanks for reading.

      May 3, 2016

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