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Scrubby went with us Tuesday morning, at 5 a.m. to Campbell Clinic’s Outpatient Surgery Center. She was a big hit with the doctors and nurses. Well, mainly with the nurses. She wore her mask and everything. She got to stay with me until they took me in for the surgery.

Thank God (and thanks to everyone for their prayers) I was ASLEEP and didn’t feel a thing. I woke up briefly and heard a saw or drill or something, and felt someone holding my leg, which was numb, so I went back to sleep. They started at 7 and were finished before 9 am. The doctor said everything went great, and indeed, my previously crooked big toe, which is peeking out the top of the cast, looks straighter. It has two pins inside (permanently) to hold it straight.

On the way home we picked up one of these Dry Pro thingies, so I don’t have to use a garbage bag on my cast to shower. And then a latte, of course.

Back at home I set up recovery camp in the guest room… since hubby is still sick (but was well enough to take me to surgery) and we’re kind of keeping different sleeping times right now…. It’s not fair that he doesn’t get to be sick by himself… I can’t wait on him much now:-(

After the numbness wore off, the nausea set in. I won’t describe this part, but it was over by 8 pm, and thanks to my friends, Perky and Darcy, the pain has been manageable so far. I’m learning to use a walker… can even carry a cup of coffee from the kitchen to the guest room, balancing it on the front of the walker with my right hand as I scoot along.

Beth was leaving for Knoxville Tuesday afternoon, so she was first to autograph my cast.

Today Nancy came to bring catfood (which I forgot at the grocery) and then Madeleine came with a latte, so she autographed next.

I’ve got a bowl of colorful

Sharpies waiting for visitors to add their creations!

In between naps and visitors (and homemade soups, thank you Anna-Sarah and Ellie!) I’ve been loving Haven Kimmel’s novel, The Solace of Leaving Early. After reading her two wonderful nonfiction memoirs, A Girl Named Zippy and She Got Up Off the Couch, I thought the novel started slowly. But now I’m loving it. I find myself leaning one minute towards writing fiction and the next towards memoir as I devour these yummy authors. (Kimmel and Lamott right now.) Tomorrow I hope to put pen to paper again. Trying to think of my surgery recovery time as a writing retreat.

But tonight it’s hubby and me with our laptops in the den watching Ole Miss vs. Tennessee AND Memphis vs. ECU… Go Vols! Go Tigers! (yeah yeah yeah, I know we went to Ole Miss… but our money went to Tennessee with our kids….
okay… that’s all for now… nothing very ethereal… just a thankful heart and hopes for happily-ever-after ending for this toe story.

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