A (Ghost) Story Published in Deep South Magazine today!

Happy Halloween!

Threefoot Building, Meridian, Mississippi, 1920s
Threefoot Building, Meridian, Mississippi, 1920s

I’m excited to announce that one of the stories in my linked short story collection, FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY, was published TODAY in Deep South Magazine:


Meridian: Gypsies, Orphans, and Ghosts

This story was inspired by my visit to my mother’s hometown, Meridian, Mississippi, this past July, to speak at the Mississippi Writer’s Guild’s annual conference. I didn’t actually speak to a Friends of the Library group while in Meridian, but I did go on the downtown ghost tour, and I did visit my grandparents’ graves. But hey, this is fiction, so it’s fine to make stuff up, right?

I hope you enjoy the story. Fingers crossed that one of the two presses currently reading the collection will publish it!

Thanks, also, to Deep South for mentioning my panels at the upcoming Louisiana Book Festival recently! I’ll be on a panel for my novel CHERRY BOMB at 9 a.m., and for SOUTHERN WRITERS ON WRITING at 2:15 p.m.


2 thoughts on “A (Ghost) Story Published in Deep South Magazine today!”

  1. Susan,
    Congratulations on being published in Deep South Magazine. I read your story Meridian: Gypsies, Orphans and Ghosts. It was very clever how it all came together. I loved it!

    Enjoy the upcoming Louisiana Book Festival.

    Let me say again just how much I learned from my first Writing Workshop with you. To be in a room with all writers was so exciting.

    Happy November,

    Donna Jo

    1. Thanks, Donna Jo. Glad you enjoyed the short story. I loved having you in the writing workshop at Novel last weekend. Keep writing!

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