>Beach Detour

>This will be short… I’m at Seagrove Beach celbrating my husband’s 60th birthday and nursing him to health after his surgery last week. Our daughter, Beth, was here for 2 days, and now our oldest son, Jon, is here for a few days. We’re trying a new beach house we haven’t rented before and it’s gorgeous. The views are amazing… even during a stormy day on Wednesday.

But I got some bad news last night–my mother fell and broke her hip. She had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulence from her assisted living home, and tonight she had surgery on her hip. I just talked with the nurse and she’s doing fine… but I couldn’t be there with her because I got sick last night and was up until 3 a.m., well, being sick. And I’m 400 miles away.

Thanks to my dear friends down in Jackson for helping take care of her… for Sharon who went to the hospital late last night and gave me reports until 3 a.m. And to Father Paul and Sissy and Father John for visiting her today.

So, I took the day today to recover so I can drive to Jackson tomorrow for a few days, leaving hubby and son here at the beach. Hopefully I can come back on Sunday for a couple of days, to retrieve my husband and drive him to Jackson for a medical meeting next Wednesday!

The plan sounded perfectly reasonable until last night at 10 pm when I got the phone call that mom had fallen.

So, here are some photos from 2 days at Seagrove… first day was stormy but still beautiful. The sunsets always blow me away. Each one is like an artist’s creation.

Today things cleared up and we enjoyed some sunshine. We met a couple from Nashville who joined us tonight at Stinky’s Fish Camp…

No time to write anything literary… so I hope you enjoy the photos. And thanks to all who have called or emailed their concerns and prayers for my mother. I hope to post again this weekend.
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