Faith on Friday: Name Day #Lent2016

Heart-on-Fire-for-blogToday is one of two feast days in the Orthodox Church for Saint Mary of Egypt—my patron saint. And so I celebrate every April 1 as my “Name Day.” (Her other feast day is a moveable one, the fifth Sunday of Great Lent.)

In lieu of sharing icons of Saint Mary today, I’ll share this painting which I love and have in my office. It’s by my friend Pam Santi, and it’s called “Heart on Fire.” Pam didn’t know about Mary of Egypt when she painted this but I was struck by the resemblance when I saw the painting at a show many years ago and bought it.

I don’t really have anything new to say about Saint Mary today, so I’ll refer you to last year’s post:

Holy Mother Mary Pray to God For Us.

And I’ll wish all my sisters who share this saint with me a Blessed Name Day!


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