>Feast Day of Archangel Gabriel

>Today is one of three days in the Orthodox Church when the Archangel Gabriel is celebrated. From Wiki:

“13 July is also known as the “Synaxis of the Archangel Gabriel”, and celebrates all the appearances and miracles attributed to Gabriel throughout history. The feast was first established on Mount Athos when, in the ninth century, during the reign of Emperor Basil II and the Empress Constantina Porphyrogenitus, while Nicholas II Chrysoberges|Nicholas Chrysoverges was Patriarch of Constantinople, the Archangel appeared in a cell near Karyes, where he wrote with his finger on a stone tablet the hymn to the Theotokos, “It is truly meet…” (see Axion Estin).”

The icon of “The Angel of the Lord” is traditionally recognized as Gabriel. This is one that was written during the last icon class I taught at St. John Orthodox Church in Memphis in March of 2008. For posts about the workshop with stages of the icon in progress, see:

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Holy Archangel Gabriel, pray to God for us.