Fiction on Friday: Twelve-year-old Author Publishes First Volume of Trilogy

beginning-taming-goldfeather-alexis-moulton-paperback-cover-artMy friends, Erin and Christian Moulton, have four boys. Their oldest, Alexis, has just published his first novel! It’s Volume 1 of The Treemunn Trilogy, titled Taming Goldfeather. You can buy it HERE, or HERE if  you’re not a fan of Amazon.

I’m just so impressed and so proud of him! I’ve ordered the book and can’t wait to read it. It’s now Number 11 on my 2014 TO READ list.

And while I’m promoting good writing, my friend, Corey Mesler, has ANOTHER poem out that I love. It’s called “All the Dead”, and you can READ IT HERE.

I’m off on a quick road trip to Little Rock. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Moulton boys

(That’s Lex, on the bottom of the pile with his three brothers, posing for the family Christmas card photo.)



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