>Getting Saved, Sex, and Writing

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So, I cleaned up my desk today (see left) and then I couldn’t get online, so I
went to Davis Kidd Bookstore and worked all afternoon. Then, when I got home tonight, I called my daughter (duh, why didn’t I do this first?) and she walked me through re-setting our AT&T wi-fi modem and ta-da! I’m back in business.

As long as we’re here, you might be wondering what the stack on the left side of my desk is. It’s a few rejections, from The Oxford American, The Sun, and a couple of others. But I’ve still got 2-3 essays floating around out there, so I’m hopeful!

And the bulletin board to the right of my desk? I call it my “storyboard.” I put note cards with ideas for various aspects of my novel-in-progress, outlines, internet research, artwork, etc. It feeds my imagination as I work. (Thanks to Sue Monk Kidd for the idea!)

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