>Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

>Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Wait.. that’s the 17th, right? Oh, no… wrong month!

Here’s what happened to me on Monday. I looked on my wall calendar and saw that Friday, the 17th, was St. Patrick’s Day. Or at least that’s what I had copied onto that date from last year’s calendar… with a note that it’s my Godson, Patrick’s, Name Day.

Patrick lives in Seattle, so I went to get him a card and gift card to mail on Monday so he would get it by today. I was confused that there were no St. Patrick’s Day cards in the little grocery store in my neighborhood, what with the day being only 4 days away. So I got a generic card and put it in the mail. On time to reach Patrick today.

Then on Wednesday it hit me: St. Patrick’s Day is in March. I know this. It was my Aunt Barbara Jo’s birthday, and I always got her one of those cards for people with a St. Pat’s Day birthday, you know?

I know that St. Patrick’s Day is in March.

And yet for 3 days this week I believed it was in February because I had copied it onto the wrong month from last year’s calendar.

My mother has Alzheimer’s. Her mother also had it. So this concerned me greatly and I told my husband about it last night.

He said he wouldn’t take my car keys away yet.

But I’m thinking I might need him to organize my meds pretty soon….

Or I might need help finding my way home one day. Lord have mercy.

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