>I Got Nothing (Is it 5 o’clock yet?)

>I got nothing.

How does the saying go, “Pride comes before a fall?” Right after bragging that I had done three blog posts a week for three years, now here I sit staring at this page and I GOT NOTHING.

I could give you my excuses for this blogger’s block:

1. Was waiting on the plumber (who finally came) and when maintenance is going on in the house, I’m on edge.

2. Was also waiting on the dryer repair folks to call back and set a time to come fix the dryer.

3. Am still waiting for the business manager at Mom’s nursing home to call back to help me figure out why Medicaid hasn’t kicked in … why I still have an invoice from them. (Okay, she just called, and it is way complicated. Something about Part B premiums that we will be reimbursed for but for now we have to pay. sheesh. How do the elderly without higher education figure this out?)

4. Haven’t even called Verizon yet to ask what a “premium message” (that costs $9.99) is on my recent invoice.

5. Have other items on the perpetual “to do” list… some are fun (regarding plans for my daughter’s wedding) and some are just ongoing life maintenance, you know?

So, I have a question for my readers who are writers or artists: How do you get into a creative mode when all this “life maintenance” stuff isn’t in order yet? Are you able to block it out while you write or paint? Or do you have to have it in order first? I’d love some advice here!

To that end, I’m excited that I’ve just made plans to spend most of the month of November (and the last week of October) at Seagrove Beach, alone, WRITING. Can’t wait! This book is pushing on me to birth it, and it’s going to take more than a couple of hours here and there.

In the meanwhile, since I have nothing of substance to share with you today, I’ll share something really fun. The Jimmy Buffett Concert that was scheduled for Gulf Shores while I was there with my Goddaughter, Katherine Thames, back in June, got re-scheduled for a later date (due to weather) so we weren’t able to go. But it was on CMT this weeekend, and you can watch the entire concert online, here! ENJOY! But you might want to wait ’til 5 o’clock. Oh, wait! It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

Meanwhile, I’m going to see if I can overcome the block by working on the novel for a few hours this afternoon:-)

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