Mental Health Monday: Counting Calories Part 2

lostitIf you read my post last Monday, you know that I started counting calories in an effort to lose 33 pounds. Here’s an update.

I’m using an iPhone app called “Lose It!” and it’s really helpful. I started out by entering my current weight, my goal weight, and how many calories I wanted to budget (just under 1200). According to the app, it will take me until January 25, 2016 to lose 33 pounds this way. That’s just under 2 pounds a week, a “healthy,” recommended weight loss goal. And so the journey began.

The first three days were amazing. I lost 3 ½ pounds! Keeping up with the calories and exercise (20 minutes on the elliptical = one martini) was kind of fun. But then I hit an early plateau. I didn’t lose any more weight the rest of the week. So I ended week 1 with a 3 ½ pound loss, which is great, although I was disappointed that I didn’t lose any pounds between Thursday and today, although I stayed under 1200 calories/day. In fact I only had 844 yesterday—intentionally staying under and hoping for more weight loss.

DecoBros Digital Multifuncion Kitchen and Food Scale
DecoBros Digital Multifuncion Kitchen and Food Scale

Lose It! Has some other features, including tips on why you might not be losing as quickly as you hope. One of the tips was to be sure you are being accurate in calorie-counting. Sometimes I estimate, or when I look up a food, like pork tenderloin, and I guess my portion is 4 oz. but it could be more. So I ordered a kitchen food scale which should arrive today. No more guessing. Another tip is to vary your exercise. Evidently the body gets used to certain workouts, which is why circuit training became popular awhile back. I’m pretty limited to the elliptical and getting in a neighbor’s pool, since walking outside on concrete (and in this weather!) causes too much pain in my (formerly broken) foot. But I am adding some upper body strengthening with exercise bands. And this week I hope to increase my time on the elliptical each day.

The main thing (segue into “Mental Health Monday”) for me is not to become discouraged. I lost 3 ½ pounds and didn’t gain it back. Time to keep going. Oh, and I’m so thankful for a friend who saw my journey on Facebook and is messaging me regularly. She also just started a weight-loss plan, so it’s great to have a fellow pilgrim to be in touch with. And of course I always love to hear from my readers here. Hope you’re having a great Labor Day.

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5 thoughts on “Mental Health Monday: Counting Calories Part 2”

  1. 3.5 lbs is awesome!!!!

    Sometimes not eating enough can cause the body to go into starvation mode. 1200 cals is most app’s default setting for weight loss. Be careful that you’re not eating too little! 😉

    Love you.

    1. I hear you, Aubrey Leigh. I’m trying 1000 calories/day now. Mostly lean meat, eggs, fruits and green veggies. A friend has lost 60 pounds on 800 calories/day. I’ll see how it goes, but starting out it’s encouraging to see some quick results! 4.5 pounds in 8 days:-)

  2. I understand the struggle when you don’t lose after following the “rules.” I have been following Take Shape for Life/Medifast since the beginning of May and have lost 36 pounds, which is a new first for me. The first few weeks were difficult but, at least for me, it got easier. (I’m not pushing the program and have no ties to it other than my own personal use. I’m just saying this is how I’ve lost weight.) I’m trying to add exercise which is much more difficult for me (Couch Potato R Us). Just wanted to send an encouraging word and wish you good luck.

  3. Just chiming in to second what Aubrey Leigh said. Do be careful not to go too low in your calorie count so that your metabolism slows to a crawl. I’ve done this before and had to increase my calories and activity level to rev my metabolism back up. Glad to hear that you are making progress.

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