Mental Health Monday: Ice and Elevation

A00304F01I went to physical therapy at 7:30 this morning. My foot (and also my knee) was hurting more than ever. So, my therapist asked me what I did this weekend. Without going into the details, the answer was “too much.” Here’s what she recommends for me for today (and tomorrow, but I don’t think I can sustain this for two full days!):

Ice and elevation.

She¬† strongly encouraged me to rest, elevate the foot and ice it several times. To slow down the trips up and down the stairs. To use my ankle corset again and crutches as needed. All of this sounded like reversal of progress, but she assured me it’s not. That being in more pain isn’t going to help me heal sooner.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

Watched two TV shows I recorded last night (The Good Wife and The Paradise).

Written and published this blog post.

Ordered another dress from Soft Surroundings, this time using a gift card from a dear friend!

Ordered more K-cups for our Keurig.

And the plan for the afternoon?

Watch more TV.


And maybe… work on novel revisions. But that’s hard to do with my foot elevated, so we’ll see.

It’s so hard to slow down when you’re wired for going full steam ahead most of the time, but I’m really going to try! Maybe I can pretend I’m somewhere else….