Mental Health Monday: Wrong Shui

Scrabble and Scotch


I’m at the airport in Seattle after a lovely weekend visiting my Godson, Patrick, and his family. Last last night (early this morning) I discovered this hilarious little book in their living room (after a three-hour Scrabble game and some excellent Scotch), so I thought I’d share a few gems today from The Little Book of Wrong Shui by Rohan Candappa. (Subtitle: How to Drastically Improve Your Life by Basically Moving Stuff Around. Honest.)

Wrong ShuiA few pages:

Interior Design:

Always try to keep your lungs positioned above your kidneys.


Chipped Plates:

A chipped plate is very bad Wrong Shui.

But a plate of chips is very good.


What’s up Doc?

Never eat a meal in a room in which a rabbit has recently died.


You know, these were much funnier at 1 a.m. this morning after drinking Scotch. But if you laugh at them while sober on a Monday morning, all the better. Cheers!

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2 thoughts on “Mental Health Monday: Wrong Shui”

  1. It’s Tuesday morning 7:15 and I do think they are funny. I might have to get this book.

    1. You would LOVE this book, Bill. The humor is sometimes subtle and sometimes in your face. The topics are random, but somehow there’s a thread. Enjoy!

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