>No TIme to Write Today, but…

>My daughter Beth and I are about to leave town… driving down to Jackson (Mississippi) to visit my mother and some friends of Beth’s, so this will be very very quick. Like all I’m going to do is link to two places to read something good since there’s not much to read here:

FIRST LINK is to Erin Moulton’s blog, “When We Fast,” because she’s got a great post up about the beginning of the Dormition Fast, which is today. It’s especially great for you mothers of young children. Go there. Now! I’m sorry to be missing our parish’s first evening of Paraclesis Prayers to the Mother of God, which will be prayed tonight at 7 p.m. at St. John Orthodox Church in midtown Memphis. I hope someone will light a candle for me since I won’t be there.

SECOND LINK is to the skirt! Magazine’s website, and especially to a great essay in the August issue, which just hit the streets today. The essay is “Let Go of your Legal Pad,” by Patti Digh. Patti also has a great blog called 37 days.

Okay, we’re outa’ here… but watch for my post on August 3, which is the one year birthday of Pen and Palette!

have a great weekend, and thanks for checking in!

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