>Origami Poetry Chap Books

>What a delight on this cold and cloudy Monday morning to receive an email from my friend, the poet and novelist Corey Mesler, with a link to a wonderful little poetry chap book that you print and fold (like origami) yourself. Check out “To Writing You.”

And then click here to learn how to fold the book. (It’s easy, really. My first try, in this photo, is a little crooked but that’s because my printer messed up the margins.)

The cover art is by Corey’s daughter, Chloe.

My favorite poem in the book is “Walking on God’s Good Side,” but I also love “Conviction.”

Need something to put inside your Valentine’s card? This is it! The book is only 2 3/4 X 4 1/4 inches. Click on other poets’ names at the site and you might find more little chap books to print, fold, cut and give as gifts or just enjoy yourself.

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