>Recycling Chairs

>When we move into our new digs on the 16th, we’ll also be setting up “shop” in our separate offices. Yes—I’ll finally have a “room of my own” where I can write, paint, read, work out on the elliptical, and watch “my shows” on TV.

One of the many decisions we had to make about which furniture to keep and which to sell/give away for this move (scaling down by 400 square feet—no dining room and only 3 bedrooms) was office chairs. Since 1995 my husband and I have had two wonderful Herman Miller Aeron Chairs at our desks.

But a few years back, the seating on my husband’s chair started to tear, and the left arm on my chair is sort of broken.

So, tonight he is taking the seats off both chairs and putting the seat from my chair onto his chair for his new “man den.” How’s that for recycling 16-year-old chairs?

And… a few years ago I discovered this cool green chair (at Office Max or somewhere for less than $100) that I actually like better than the Herman Miller… it supports my back better when I’m writing/thinking/painting. So… the green chair will sit between my writing desk and my painting desk in my new office. I can roll around on the hardwood floors from desk to desk without even getting up!

We’re also taking our leather “stressless” chairs and ottomans from our current den to our respective offices/rooms in the new house, replacing them with fabric-upholstered club chairs (that rock and swivel!) and ottomans for the new living room. (Watch for pictures of the new rooms in a few weeks.)

Much ado about chairs? But think about how many hours/day we sit in them! Ergonomics matters greatly to writers and armchair scientists and sports fans. My mom has always had a thing about chairs. (Read my post from September of 2008, “Unhappy Chairs,” for a laugh and some insight into our chair issues.)

That’s all for now… back to work packing….

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