>She’s No April Fool

>It’s always seemed ironic to me that my patron saint’s Name Day falls on April 1. Saint Mary of Egypt is nobody’s fool. She’s the most amazing woman ever. I’m even writing about her in my novel-in-progress.

Today I’m headed down to Jackson (Mississippi) with my first cousin, Julie Johnson, to visit more cousins, so I don’t have time for a real blog post. Here’s me and Jullie yesterday at the Nail Bar in Harbour Town having complimentary mimosas with our “big manis.” What a treat to reunite with this beautiful woman. Our fathers were brothers, both fascinating men, and we’re having a ball catching up on our lives this weekend.

To my sisters who share Mary of Egypt as a patron saint, I send out a big HAPPY NAME DAY GREETING today: Lori O’Brien, Josie Long, Louise Lyons, Mary Wren Williams, Jennifer Stanek and others I’m forgetting (forgive me). And to my Goddaughter of eternal memory, Mary Allison, who also shares Mary of Egypt as her sponsor.

Read my post on the 2011 CNF Memphis blog about Bob Cowser’s terrific reading at Davis Kidd on Wednesday night: “Breaking Journalistic Rules.”

Happy Weekend, everyone!

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