I just read Mary Alice Monroe’s new blog post, “What’s In A Name—or Signature?” It got me to thinking about how I’m going to sign my name on the books I’ll be inscribing at my first bookstore reading/signing tomorrow night, at Burke’s Books in Memphis.

First, though, it’s all about the method of delivery. The pen. I love Sharpies… especially the ones that don’t bleed through the page. But what size? Fine point? Ultra fine? And what color?

Next, should I consider what impression the style might leave with the person who purchased the book? I like my artsy, boxy style of printing, but it’s much slower than my smooth, loopy, cursive. Does one say something about me that another does not? Does any of this really matter? Check out these signatures by famous authors. (If you can’t tell who they are, click here.)

And just for fun, here’s an article about what happened when one man tested a credit card signing pad, pushing his luck a little too far. (I’ve recently gone to scribbling on those things, tired of taking the time to sign my name legibly. Maybe I need to re-think my laziness.)

Happy Hump Day, everyone!