>Sky Gazing

>Today is the next to last day of national poetry month. I intended to write a poem this month. I really did. But my creative juices just don’t seem to be flowing in that direction, so I’ll share another poem that has inspired me. I found this one at yourdailypoem.com. You can sign up to receive a poem from them every day. It’s something I actually look forward to seeing in my in box.

This poem really spoke to me this morning, because last night about midnight I went outside here at the beach and the sky took my breath away. I don’t ever remember seeing so many bright stars. If you stand on the beach on a clear night at Seagrove and look to the east, you can see the lights of Panama City, and to the west you can see Destin. I’m happy to be a good thirty minutes from each of these tourist destinations, away from the city lights where I can see God’s lights sparkling so brightly. (Not my photo, by the way.) I’m hoping for a night this clear and lovely on May 7, when our daughter will be married on this beach!

As I post this I’m waiting for a friend who lives in Sandestin to come spend the day with me here at the beach. She’s bringing her young son and his friend. It will be a joy to watch them play in the sand and surf, as I anticipate the arrival of my son, daughter-in-law, and two granddaughters tomorrow! Have a great weekend, everyone.

Nancy Byrd Turner

Sometimes when things turn upside down
And inside out, and look dark brown,
I rush outdoors and gaze into
The topless sky’s eternal blue,
So calm and cool, so still and deep,
With calm, contented clouds like sheep . . .
I shade my eyes, and stare and stare,
Then go back in the house, and there
Begin to wonder and to doubt
What I was in a stew about.

This poem is believed to be in the public domain.
Efforts to identify a copyright holder have been unsuccessful.

Nancy Byrd Turner (1880 – 1971) was born in Virginia. A descendant of both Thomas Jefferson and Pocohantas, Nancy began writing poetry as a child. She studied to become a teacher, and did teach for a few years, but eventually she became a magazine editor. During the course of her career, she published 15 books, several songs, and her work appeared regularly in the leading magazines of her day. Late in her life, Nancy became a freelance writer and a popular lecturer.

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