>Spooky Sand Castles and Witches Old and New

>Just got back from a walk on the beach, hoping to find some creative sand castles, but alas, none in sight on this picture-perfect day. So I surfed the web and found this one, perfect for Halloween. Can you imagine how long it took to build this?

I hope to catch all the cute goblins trick-or-treating at the shops in Seaside later this afternoon… gotta drive to Destin to buy ink cartridges for my printer. (And I thought I was organized for this trip.)

For some good ideas on spooky books to read, check out Jennie/Jenna Bentley’s post over at “A Good Blog is Hard to Find”:

“Happy Halloween!”

My parting shots today are the two witches I’ve been… in my 3rd grade school play (1959) in Jackson, Mississippi …

and as “Elphaba” (from Wicked) at the Pulpwood Queens’ Girlfriend weekend in Jefferson, Texas, in 2010.

Have a fun day and be safe!

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