STORYWORTH: A Treasured Gift


I recently received an incredible Mother’s Day gift from my daughter, Beth. It was beyond creative and right down my alley, because . . . . well, you’ll see. Beth gave me a subscription to STORYWORTH. This is how it works:

Every Monday I receive a writing prompt, which Beth has selected. These prompts are all about my life, so that at the end of the year, Storyworth will have a memoir of 52 entries from me, and I will receive a printed book (with photos) and my daughter and her daughters will also have a copy. (Of course I will purchase more copies for my sons!) So I wake up every Monday morning excited to see what the next question is, and to find and download or scan photos to go with my “essay” for the week. Sometimes I’m done in an hour, but I’ve found myself spending 2-3 hours some Mondays. Treasured bits of time as I walk down memory lane and record my thoughts and explore photographs, scanning old ones from albums and downloading digital photos.


I’m going to share one of those entries here, so that you can get an idea of how this works. My question  last Monday, on June 20, was “What is your idea of perfect happiness?” To see my reply, in words and images, CLICK HERE.


Storyworth offers options . . . I can either use the prompts that Beth has selected for me, or choose others from a list, or make up my own. For now I plan to always use the prompts Beth has chosen, as I want to connect with her as I respond to what was on her heart at the time. I feel so close to her as I write . . . and so blessed to have a daughter who always finds ways to connect through our creative spirits.


Consider giving a Storyworth subscription to your mother or father or aunt or uncle or anyone whose life-story you’d like to help preserve. It’s a treasured gift. Thank you, Beth. I love you.