>The Daily Show on Twittering and Flies on the Butter


Okay, I’m inserting a link to a hilarious video from The Daily Show, before I move on to the serious part of this blog post, because really, we all need a good laugh from time to time. Just click here! (and yes, you have to just sit and wait for the advetisement to roll first)

But seriously, I just discovered children’s author, Trish Lawrence’s blog (through Twitter, I must say) and loved her post from today, called “Space: The Art of Simplifying.” Her suggestions fit well with the concept of a “media fast” during Lent. Not that I’m embracing it. Just thinking about cutting back. Some. A tiny little bit. But of course, I can quit anytime.

Also just found Denise Hildreth’s website, and was so enthralled with this video of her speaking, that I stopped “doing” just long enough to think about “being.” Again. I revisit this struggle from time to time, but especially during times of spiritual intensity, like Great Lent. You’ll have to listen all the way through her video to get the title of this blog post. Or read her book, Flies on the Butter. (I haven’t read it yet, since I just discovered it today. I’m fast, but not that fast!) I tried to download the video but ran into a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo from Google, so I’m not going there. Just click on her website, HERE, then scroll down the right side briefly and you’ll see the video. Click the arrow to begin.
So today, I’m going to try to limit the number of times I click on Twitter and check my email, and see if I can leave a space for God.

And work on two essays that are due in April.

Peacefully, like this.

Or this.

And hopefully not like this! (I’m going to print that cartoon off and tape it to the top of my computer monitor to remind me to sit up straight so I won’t undo all the good work I just had done at my massage therapist’s. By the way, if you’re in Memphis and want a great massage, email me and I’ll give you her phone number. She does amazing work on aging arthritic bodies! And I’m sure she’s good with young, buffed ones, too, but I can’t speak from experience.)
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