>The Sons of Earth, Part II

>Busy week, so I’m going to link to my post this time last year, about our church’s annual Christmas caroling event at Kings Daughters & Sons Nursing Home. Please take a minute to read the post,”Born to Raise the Sons of Earth,”here.

Singing Christmas carols to the folks in a nursing home is only one way to raise the Sons of Earth during the Christmas season. It’s cold here in Memphis. One day last week I put a heavy blanket in my car and drove a few blocks from where I live into an area with a fairly heavy traffic of poor and homeless folks. I saw a woman pushing a shopping cart with lots of bundles. She seemed homeless, so I pulled over and asked if she had a warm place to sleep that night.

“No, ma’am, but I’ll find me a spot somewhere.”

“Could you use a really warm blanket?”

Her face lit up. “Yes, ma’am! That’d be real nice!”

So I got out of the car and handed her the blanket and her eyes filled with tears, but no more than my own. We embraced, and as I was about to walk away, I turned and asked, “Have you got something to eat for supper?” It was getting dark outside, and she was about a mile from the mission where they serve meals downtown.

“Oh, I’ve got a little bit.”

I reached in my purse and found some cash and gave it to her. More hugs.

As I turned to get back into my car, an elderly man in a wheelchair with only one leg approached me. “Ma’am? Have you got another blanket?”

My heart sank as I thought about the extra blankets in our closets and attics at the house, where we would be warm and toasty.

“No, sir, I’m sorry. I didn’t bring more with me today.”

He nodded and wheeled off towards a church a block away, where several people were sitting on the steps. I said a prayer that someone would help him.

When I got home, I found a couple of more blankets we don’t need and put them in the trunk of my car. I’m about to head back out today on errands, and I’ll be keeping an eye open for folks who might be sleeping outside tonight.

Have you got extra blankets at your house? It only takes a few minutes to find someone who needs them…. the poor and homeless… the Sons of Earth.

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