>With Apologies to Aunt Barbara Jo

>When I packed for my month-long writing retreat here at Seagrove Beach, I included some things I didn’t bring last year, including the recipe for Aunt Barbara Jo’s dressing. The plan was that I would quit writing TODAY, (after 3 weeks) and spend Tuesday and Wednesday grocery shopping, cooking, and setting up for a home-cooked Thanksgiving meal here at the beach. My husband and oldest son will be here, and I hoped my brother-in-law, sister-in-law and their granddaughter would be joining us from Atlanta, but they can’t make it until Friday. So, it will be just us three for Thanksgiving Day. Who would eat all that food? And besides, I’m into the final 2-3 chapters of the book now, so I don’t want to stop writing.

So, how did my son and husband take the news? They are both thrilled… and here’s why. Check out the Thanksgiving Day menu at Cafe Thirty-A! We’ve got reservations at noon, which leaves the morning and afternoon free to enjoy the beach (or football watching) with no clean up.

I promise to make dressing for Christmas.

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