>Wordless Wednesday: Canon, We Do NOT Have Blast Off


It looks pretty cool, right? That’s because it’s shiny and new and black and sleek. So, what’s the problem? The problem is that after spending 3 hours (6 combined hours, counting my husband and I both working at it for 3 hours) trying to connect our new Canon printer to our computer network, we finally got it connected around midnight last night… but only to my husband’s PC. My Mac is still left out. I’m too tired to talk to the people on the help line today. Maybe tomorrow.

Other strangeness: Office Max’s Computer Support people (that we paid $50 for, in order to talk with people closer than India) can’t work with anyone whose computer is on a domain (like my husband’s, which is encrypted by the VA) so they couldn’t help him, hence we did it all by ourselves. AND… they can’t work with Macs at all. Not sure what we got for our fifty bucks… except for a two-year maintenance plan. We’ll see how that works out.

Oh and did I mention that ever since we started working on the set up (around 9 p.m. last night) my computer kicks me off the internet about every ten minutes, requiring me to follow about 8 steps (including re-entering the wireless key) to get back online? Ooops. I better hurry and post this before it gives me the boot again. Sorry about the rant… guess this wasn’t very wordless after all.

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