>Wordless Wednesday: Sewing Needle in Foot

>This x-ray is NOT actually my mother’s foot. But Saturday I got a call from the nursing home because the 3rd toe on her left foot was blue and swollen. They think she must have stumped it while padding around in her wheelchair. So they had an x-ray done and discovered a sewing needle near her metatarsal bone! It appears to have been in there for a long time, and she has never mentioned it hurting. It still doesn’t hurt. How weird is that? Because of her Alzheimer’s, she has no memory of when/how it happened. The doctor doesn’t recommend surgery to remove it since she’s not in any pain. I Googled “sewing needle in toe” and found quite a few photos and stories, so I guess this isn’t so weird after all. Life with Effie goes on:-)

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