>Wordless Wednesday: Silence in the Workshop, Please!

This Friday I’m headed back to Oxford (Mississippi) for the 2012 Yoknapatawpha Summer Writer’s Workshop. The workshop organizer, Neal (M.O.) Walsh, sent out an email to all the participants yesterday. He mentioned that you can either bring a (physical) notebook for taking notes during the workshop, or you can bring your laptop… but not if you type too loudly.

I hadn’t considered that some people might type more loudly than others, but I guess it depends upon your intensity. And maybe your keyboard.

So I Googled it and discovered this convenient Soundproof Keyboard Cover Silencer, which you can purchase for only $36.

Being a polite, Southern Lady, I always use an old-fashioned notebook and pen for taking notes during the workshop. But I thought I’d share my find with all the LOUD typists out there. You know who you are.


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