>Wordless Wednesday: You’ve Got a Friend

>Last night I had a couple of girlfriends over for “wine and whine”…. but we didn’t whine. At all. We laughed and shared so many wonderful stories from our lives and at the end of the evening my spirits were greatly lifted.

Today’s Wordless Wednesday photo is from 1978. My friends, Deb and Tim Mashburn, surround me and my son, Jonathan (who was about 10 months old and is now almost 34!) in this picture. I love it because it reminds me that friendships CAN last. Deb was one of the friends over at my house last night. Another friend who joined us for wine and whine is about the same age Deb and I were when this picture was taken. She is younger than my daughter. At one point Deb laughed and said, “Ashley, how boring is it for you be hanging out with women your mother’s age?” Ashley said she wasn’t bored at all. Friendship doesn’t know the boundaries of age. What a gift the evening was to me.

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