Writing on Wednesday: Poetry for Writers

51V7XR6BRML._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Today I’m going to share a couple of inspirational poems by a talented poet from Little Rock, Arkansas—Mary N. Waters. I discovered Waters’ books of poetry at a little shop in the Heights neighborhood of Little Rock a few years ago and find myself returning to them over and over. Many are spiritual. Some are humorous. Most inspire something in me. These two—both from Other Stars Waiting (2002)—are  for my writing buddies and reprinted here with permission from the author. Enjoy.




I am reading a book

of someone else’s poetry,

thinking the “I can do this,”


followed immediately by

all of the “buts”

of not having enough

time, talent, passion,

and the “what ifs”

of people hating it,

laughing at it,

thinking me crazy.

Buts and What Ifs,

my twin conspirators,

which, for so long

have kept me a voyeur

of others’ writings,

not my own.




When I first began to write,

I thought that nothing much

would change;

one more activity,

added to my days.

I would accommodate it;

the writing,

give it

the extra bedroom.

But I was wrong.

This was my lover,

wearing muddy boots

upon the neatly

polished floor, and sleeping

where he pleased.

So all those other things

began to change, to

give him space;

and since he didn’t fit

the me I was,

I chose to be


in ways I can not name.

And here I am,

a writer of poetry,

and those who thought

they knew me,


and sometimes,

so do I.


Mary N WatersOther books by Mary N. Waters:


Into the Universe

Private Rooms

Sandpaper Blankets

Thoughts From a Vast Right-Brained Conspiracy

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7 thoughts on “Writing on Wednesday: Poetry for Writers”

  1. Thank you for sharing these poems. I especially appreciated “Voyeur”, as it reminded me of how difficult it is for many poets to even call themselves poets.

    1. She’s a terrific poet… I have four of her books of poetry and have just ordered her latest which includes some prose reflections.

  2. Mary Waters poetry is like a novel left on the stove until the message is boiled down to just a few lines. Her work is a companion for a spiritual journey or taking the dog for a walk. I found her work quite by accident, but isn’t that how things work?

    1. Yes! I also discovered her by “accident” in a gift shop in Little Rock a few years ago. Serendipity! Thanks for reading, David.

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