ALL NIGHT, ALL DAY: life, death & angels

Released June 20, 2023

All Night, All day, is a gracefully executed anthology of hope, a merciful reminder we are not alone in this world. Each story, poem, and essay, a feather knitted upon an angel’s wing.–Robert Gwaltney, award-winning author of The Cidada Tree

In this stunning anthology which explores so many heartwarming brushes with celestial beings, all these angels are messengers come to assure us we are not alone and we are loved.–Margaret McMullan, author of Where the Angels Lived

All Night, All Day is an anthology to be savored, beautifully exploring the themes of life, death, and angels. Within this collection are remembrances and memorials, which pay homage to a loved one or to a mystical experience. Crafting an anthology is an art. Susan Cushman has done a big topic justice–the sum of the parts is greater for having been compiled together.–Carol Van Den Hende, author of Orchid Blooming and Goodbye, Orchid

These stories tell of unexpected humanity and love in the lives of those who needed affirmation of spirituality in the human world. The presence of angels was recounted through brilliant and descriptive imagery, and intriguing yet identifiable characterization. –Francine Rodiquez, author of A Woman’s Story

The reader is treated with a wide-range of storytelling and writing styles, each pointing a way to introspection, restoration, and healing. In the hush of a still night there is a soft beauty in the laughter and tears the reader will discover as love gently laps at the door of all the things we hold dear.–Donna Keel Armer, author of Solo in Salento: A Memoir

About the Book

There is something mystical about holding the hand of a person who is “crossing over.” It can be heartbreaking, of course, but also very holy and beautiful. Some of the pieces in this collection share the experience of personal loss when a loved one dies. Often the presence of an angel or another mystical experience is shared. But not only in death–there are also stories here of the way the mystical world interacts with us in daily life. And not only angels, but also mothers, fathers, sisters, grandfathers, and friends.

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