Book Title Poetry

Back in 2013, someone on Facebook suggested a fun, quick, creative activity, which I jumped on right away. You choose a few books and create a short poem from the titles.

Here’s my stack and poem from 2013.

Daring greatly/certain women/ leaving the church/ rally the really human things/and run/into the free

I would like to say that in 2013 I was in a struggle with the Church . . . but today I am at peace there, and I’m not “leaving” church. I still very much appreciate the writings of Barbara Brown Taylor, and we both had essays published in an anthology back in 2012, Circling Faith: Southern Women on Spirituality.




So, today I chose 5 more books (See photo at top of post) and created a new poem:

The steps we take/to salvage this world/and begin again/in a place like Mississippi/and often experience a second blooming.

Shout outs to the author of the books I chose for this activity: Ellen Ann Fentress, Michael Ferris Smith, and Ralph Eubanks.

It’s a quick, fun activity. Give it a try!