Faith on (Black) Friday: Shop INDIES for the Holidays!

1385146940017-BlackFridayThis post really isn’t about faith. I’m just not very inspired today. And it’s not even about Black Friday. I have never been shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. It’s not that I’m against it. I’m happy for those businesses that are able to “get in the black” and have a successful year. But I’m just not into crowds. Unless we’re listening to some awesome concert at a terrific music venue.

1459184_704759949541931_2014763917_nBut I am enjoying a “sneak peek” at Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, with a few online deals I’ve found today. Whether you get out in person (tomorrow) or just shop online (tomorrow or Monday), here are a few links you might enjoy:
The Memphis Melange Etsy Team and Memphis Style Market (which includes work by my friend, Emma Connolly)

Indie for the Holidays (which includes a link to my friend, Corey Mesler’s, new book)

12 Days of Shopping In and Around Memphis (which includes some great little shops like Burke’s Books in Cooper Young)

Flavor Mavens (owned by my friend, Jennifer Stanek)

Frantic Chocolates (owned by my friend, Fran Tylavsky)

Jonni Webb Pottery (owned by my friend, Jonni Webb)

The Nautilus Publishing Company (owned by my friend, Neil White) which has some great DEALS!

And of course, any and all indie book stores!

rem_403x403_cyber_mondayI’ll admit I’m not waiting until Monday to do most of my cyber shopping, but I’ll be checking out a few sites to see what deals they’re offering. And I’ll be plugging this one for sure:

River’s Edge Media is offering FREE SHIPPING on copies of The Shoe Burnin’: Stories of Southern Soul on Cyber Monday! This book and CD (awesome music and recorded stories) makes a fabulous Christmas gift, so you might want to get several. Use coupon code cybermonday.

That’s it for today. Have a great weekend everyone—whether or not you’re shopping!