>It Happens

>After keeping my butt in the chair for 3-4 hours yesterday and actually getting a draft done for the first chapter of my new memoir, “Jesus Freaks, Belly Dancers and Nuns,” I woke up this morning ready to start on chapter 2. And excited that I had a critique sample to send to my writing group that meets this Saturday in Oxford. Good cup of coffee and nice bowl of fresh fruit for breakfast and I was ready to write. And then the dam broke. Literally.

Last week we had a plumber out to fix our drains that were clogged. We thought the problem was solved. Until water started flowing out from under the toilet in our master bathroom this morning.

Four hours and 17 wet towels later, I think it’s stopped for now. The plumber can’t come back until tomorrow morning (we have a home warranty contract, so if we don’t use them we’ll have to pay big bucks) so for now we’re okay so long as we don’t use the master bathroom or the washing machine.

Washing machine? Yeah, when we used it this morning, each time it drained the water from a load of clothes it flooded the bathroom! (Our laundry room backs up to our master bath.)

AND the master shower filled up, then backed up with yucky stuff.

Then, when the shower finally drained, the water rose up under the toilet and all over the bathroom floor, again.

I was mopping for hours, and used up 17 towels that are now hanging out back. I’m
trying to imagine that we live at the beach and the towels are just the result of a fun day in the ocean. But it’s not working real well.

Now that it’s mid afternoon and things are quiet again, I might try to settle down and start on chapter 2 of the book. Only problem is I’m exhausted! (Want to hear something ironic? The title of chapter 1 is “Holy Water.” I guarantee you there’s nothing holy about the water that flooded our bathroom for 3 hours today!) Trying to be upbeat about it. Listening to Sugarland helps. Aint no rhyme or reason, no complicated meaning, no need to overthink it…. sssss “It Happens!”

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