>Blog Crawl

>Busy week for me and not much time for another blog post, so today I offer you links to several other blogs you might enjoy. Kind of a “blog crawl.” There’s lots of diversity here—some about Lent and spirituality, others about writing, others humorous—so if you don’t like something, just quit reading it and click on the next one.

My friend, River Jordan’s guest post at Psychology Today, “Reflections on Lent, Charlie Sheen and Our Possibilities.”

Another friend, Scott Cairns, the Orthodox poet and writer, has a piece at the Huffington Post today called, “Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer.”

Patricia Sprinkle’s
post over at A Good Blog is Hard to Find, “Spring and Resurrection.”

Father Steven Freeman’s post today, “The Journey Towards Love,” on his blog, Glory to God For All Things.

Jennifer Gardner’s
hilarious post at Girlfriend’s Book Club, “There Sure Are Some Monster Jobs Out There.”

Mary Demuth’s guest post on Michael Hyatt’s blog, “What Cheap Grace May Be Costing Your Organization.”