>If America Falls

>I’m about to drive to Jackson for a couple of days again, and I don’t have time to write a post, so I’m going to link to two wonderful posts by my friend and fellow writer, Terry Bernadini. She started her blog about a year ago and named it “Wildly Disparate.” It’s one of a few blogs that I actually subscribe to. Terry is in the women’s writing critique group that I’m in here in Memphis, and has also participated in workshops at Ole Miss with me. This is her, at the first Creative Nonfiction workshop we attended over a year ago. (You can read about that here.)

First “guest post” is this one, “Perspectives from ESL Students.” (Click on the words to link to the post. Someone told me I should put those instructions in my blog from time to time for the uninitiated, so there it is.)

Second “guest post” is another favorite, “O Worship the King.” (You know what to do now.)

Of course I love this one for its spiritual richness… and I’m a huge fan of Les Miserables, and love the priest’s words, “I have bought your soul for God.” Chills.

If you like these posts, check out her earlier ones, which offer a poignant mix of humor and spirituality.

Okay… I’m on the road again… maybe I’ll post from Jackson, but probably not until I get home Saturday night. Thanks for reading!

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