Mega Reunion: Murrah High School Classes of ’68, ’69 and ‘70 gather in Jackson, Mississippi


Susan Johnson (Junior Year)

I’m packing for another high school reunion this weekend. The class of 1969 (Murrah High School—Jackson, Mississippi) held its 40th reunion three summers ago. (My reflections on that reunion are here: “Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy.”) But lots of folks in our class had good friends in the classes above and below us, so we’re having a mega-reunion tonight and tomorrow. Reasons floating around the emails included things like, “we’re losing friends” and “let’s do it while we still can.” But I think it’s just because these people like to party.


Kit (Whitsett) Fields, Sharon (Scott) VanDeburgh, Sandra (Kerr) Jarrett, Me

Since that last reunion, I’ve had several good visits with friends I hadn’t seen in years, so these gatherings definitely encourage friendship re-building. At one lunch gathering at Mint in Ridgeland a couple of years ago, Kit (Whitsett) Fields, Sharon (Scott) VanDeburgh, Sandra (Kerr) Jarrett and I got a little crazy with the 3-D glasses Kit gave us….

So, I got out my old yearbooks again—especially the one from 1968 since it has all three classes in it—and smiled a lot as I glanced through them. I love this picture of Bob Wright (’68) injecting mice with blue ink—he set 50 of them lose on the football field during the Murrah vs. Central game that year.  Our colors were blue and silver. (I dated Bob for several months my junior year and have other memories, like climbing the radio tower by the University Medical Center in the middle of the night so he could take pictures. We’re both lucky to be alive.)

Bob Wright (Class of ’68)


I always enjoy a couple of the early pages in the 1969 album, where the captions read, “Today it seems so natural to be standing here beside you… and tomorrow just as natural to be gone.” Those lines have grown in meaning as we’ve gotten older and we’ve lost a number of our classmates. I’m looking forward to seeing lots of old friends tonight! There MIGHT be photos next week… we’ll see how badly everyone behaves. Have a great weekend!






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