Memphis Cares

News flash! I have signed a contract with Vanderbilt University Press for my tenth book and fifth anthology: MEMPHIS CARES: Homeless, Hungry, Mentally Ill, and Incarcerated People.

After attending last night’s event hosted by Room in the Inn, “Empty to Enough—Room in the Inn Documentary Pre-screening,” I am more thankful than ever for the opportunity to organize and edit this new book.

Twenty contributors are writing chapters for this book, including executives and volunteers with numerous organizations serving the homeless, hungry, mentally ill, and incarcerated communities in Memphis. Those organizations include:

Room in the Inn

The Hospitality Hub

Alpha Omega Veterans Services

Door of Hope

Mid-South Food bank

MIFA (Metropolitan Inter Faith Association)

IONA Burrito Ministry

Church Health

Alliance Health Care

Mark Lutrell Correctional Center for Women

Rhodes College Liberal Arts in Prison Program

First Step Recovery Centers

Flip My Life

St. John Orthodox Church

In addition, Pat Morgan and David Waters are writing pieces for the book.

Personal essays by several volunteers with these organizations will be included, giving a personal touch to the book.

Stay tuned for updates as the process continues . . . no pub date yet. If you’re looking for a place to volunteer in Memphis, don’t wait for the book to come out . . . Check out any of these organizations for information about how you can help.