Mental Health Monday: MEMORY ETERNAL (Memorial Day and Orthodox Prayers)

Fr B at Mary graveI’ve written about this a number of times on this blog, but today my husband and I visited the graves of three loved ones. Since he’s an Orthodox priest, he prayed the memorial prayers for the dead, and we sang.

A nice breeze was blowing and the birds were singing with us. Here’s a short video:

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Fr B prayers at graves
But first we replaced the old flowers with new ones:

Sunflowers for my Goddaughter, Mary Allison, Callaway, because they were her favorites.

Mike grave


Patriotic flowers and a flag for my brother, Mike Johnson, because he was a Marine.

Colorful blooms for my father, Bill Johnson, because my mother would like them. (We visited with her in the nursing home first, and told her of our plans, but she couldn’t understand.) I asked my father to pray for my mother when I was visiting at his grave. Hard to believe he and Mary Allison have both been gone almost 16 years.

We’re back home in Memphis now, tired but at peace after visiting these people we love and miss. May their memories be eternal.

Blessed Memorial Day.

Singing at my father's grave today
Singing at my father’s grave today


2 thoughts on “Mental Health Monday: MEMORY ETERNAL (Memorial Day and Orthodox Prayers)”

  1. Susan,

    This is completely random but I thought I should comment. I had the privilege of being a friend, schoolmate, and nearby neighbor to Mary Allison many years ago. I can’t quite tell you why she crossed my mind today but I googled her name and found your website. She was one of the kindest people that I have ever met and I can honestly still remember the beauty and joy behind her smile. I also remember hearing the news of the accident and the sadness and questions we all ask of, “Why her?” Your Goddaughter was a wonderful young woman and I (like you) look forward to seeing her again in glory. Thank you for the website and entries about her. They brought back many smiles.

    Brock Sund
    Olive Branch, MS

    1. Thanks for being in touch, Brock. Unrelated to this post about creative nonfiction, but of such importance to me as Mary Allison was like a daughter to me and I miss her every day! Thanks for reading.

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