>More Excuses

>Here I am with more excuses about why I haven’t posted here this week…. but my 20-year-old cat, Oreo, died Tuesday night, and I’ve been so sad and don’t know what I’d write about it. We got Oreo when our kids were about 7, 8 and 11 years old, so she’s really been part of our family. I was at the beach with a friend when she died, which was also hard for me, but I’m glad my daughter was home and could hold her just before she died. I miss you, Oreo! (And I was blown away by the 50+ comments from friends offering sympathy on Facebook after I posted about her death. Wow.)

And…I’ve been out of town all week… visiting my Goddaughter, Katherine, and two of her children, Simon and Mary, in Gulfport, Mississippi… and then the four of us have been enjoying a few days on the beach at Gulf Shores.

I’ve thought about writing a heady post about the oil spill, but honestly I don’t know what to say. I feel that we (human beings) have definitely got to learn how to live sensibly on this earth. I’m a top offender when it comes to wasting resources, so I’m not pointing any fingers. Today I walked along the ocean, looking at the oil and tar, feeding a bird with a broken leg (and tar on his other leg) and said, “I’m sorry, ocean. Please forgive me, beach and animals.” That’s all I knew to say.

Yesterday I met a woman, Simone Lipscomb, who’s doing a documentary on the oil spill (that’s her in the picture) so if you want to check out her web site or see her documentaries on You Tube, they really tell the story. She was shooting near our condo, where I also photographed some of the birds who had lost legs. So sad.

And for my readers who are writers, I’ll get back to “writing about writing” next week. For now, I will AGAIN point you to A Good Blog, this time to River Jordan’s post, “Struggles Along the Writer’s Path.”

I’ll be driving Katherine and her kids back to Gulfport tomorrow morning, then returning to Memphis tomorrow night, so it’ll be “road trip” day for me, followed by a busy weekend, so I probably won’t post again until Monday or Tuesday. Have a safe and happy Fourth of July weekend, everyone!

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