A new word for me . . .

Today’s word from Word Genius is VICISSITUDE. I subscribed so I receive a new word every day. Great way to improve my vocabulary (important for a writer) and keep my brain sharp (important for a senior). I wasn’t sure what it meant, so I read the definition:

“A change of circumstances over time, especially in one’s life.”

I read on to see an example use in a sentence:

“No one can escape the vicissitudes of life and we all must adapt to the changes they bring.”

Aches and pains . . .

Last night we got together with the couple staying in the unit next to ours in Seagrove Beach to watch sunset from their patio, and later to share seafood platters at a nearby restaurant.

Actually, we watched sunset with this couple and four of their friends, who are all from Chattanooga and spending Thanksgiving at the beach. We ended up sharing lots of stories about the vicissitudes of life.

Three of the four of us are in our 70s and I’m 68, and we all have varying degrees of arthritis and other issues. Our neighbor played football in college and now his feet hurt so badly he can barely walk very far on them. I taught aerobics for several years when I was in my 30s . . . on tile floors which were laid over concrete (the best floors are wood over air) and while I was at my fittest during those years, I can feel the damage I did to my joints.

No one can escape!

The four of us talked about trips we’ve taken, especially to Europe, and trips we’d like to take in the future. But we all agreed that we have to find venues and activities that don’t involve too many steps or hiking. Now that we’re at the stage in our lives (the other couple are mostly retired) that we have time to do these things, our aches and pains limit what we can do. Ugh, the vicissitudes of life.

I wonder if anyone (an older person) had told us when we were in our teens or twenties or even thirties that our activities then might cause us pain and limitations later in life, would we have listened to them? Probably not, as we were enjoying those activities and stages of life so much, right? So now our task is to enjoy this stage, with its limitations (whether or not we caused them) and to accept our vicissitudes. I’d love any advice my readers have to offer on the subject!