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I’ve been one of a group of bloggers for the Southern Authors Blog, “A Good Blog is Hard to Find,” since March of 2010. Founded by Karin Gillespie, and later administered by Kathy Patrick and then Man Martin,  A Good Blog has been serving up front-porch-style conversations about good Southern literature for several years now. Recently a number of the contributors have had to bow out due to their busy (and successful!) schedules. I think it took the rest of us a little longer to realize that it’s quitting time. Sadly, A Good Blog is singing its swan song with a final post by Man Martin:
My 13 posts for A Good Blog are here, in case you missed any and want to check them out, as well as some of the comment threads. Enjoy!
“A Novel Idea” (my premiere post, in March of 2010, when I started the novel I’m just now finishing, “Cherry Bomb.”)
“Call For Names” (which received 22 comments, in May of 2010, after which I named my novel’s protagonist “Mare”)
“Living With a Writer’s Brokenness” (with a nod to The Paris Wife)
“Speed” (Literary Blunders)
“I Will Not Climb on the Roof” (Other jobs you’ve had….)
“Circling Faith: Southern Women on Spirituality” (This was my own personal swan song for A Good Blog, which I wrote on my 61stbirthday. Theme was “the best piece of writing advice I’ve ever received.”)
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