Faith on Friday: Happy (Saint) Valentine’s Day!

ValentineI’m busy at home today, nursing my sweetheart (of almost 44 years) as he recovers from rotator cuff sugery, so this be will short and sweet.

There are lots of stories about Saint Valentine, but I like the one about the third century Christian martyr, Valentius.

And here’s another story of the “Orthodox Saint Valentine” that might interest you.
And for my writing buddies… if you’re interested in writing love stories, or just including some good romance in whatever kind of stories you write, you might enjoy Jessica Morrell’s post from last year, “Write From Your Soft Parts.”



That’s all I’ve got for today. Hope you’re enjoying some lovely roses or delicious chocolates… or maybe a delicious meal or a great book. Our day was blessed by these gifts from our granddaughters (see below).




May your day be blessed, through the prayers of Saint Valentine.



Gabby V Day

Grace Anna Valentines

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