>Thanks for Reading!

>Since I left my laptop in Memphis while I’m in Denver visiting my kids and grandkids this week, this will be short. I just wanted to say, after three years of blogging, THANK YOU FOR READING!

And to ask a favor. My hit counter tells me I get between 100 and 200 hits a day, but I’d love to have MORE COMMENTS–either here or when I post to Facebook. I always love to hear responses to my posts, whether I’m writing about art (everything from graffiti to abstract expressionism to Byzantine iconography) or Alzheimers, Orthodoxy, psychology or spirituality, family or writing. I seem to get the most comments when I write about my mom (who has Alzheimer’s) or about emotional and spiritual struggles.

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Meanwhile, I’m in Denver enjoying my four-week-old granddaughter, Anna Susan, her 14-month-old sister, Grace, and their parents, my son, Jason, and his wife, See.

And my daughter, Beth, who just moved to Denver a week ago, and her fiance, Kevin. They came over to Jason and See’s on Saturday and Sunday for football-watching.

Today we went shopping at Babies R Us for a two-seater stroller and a few other goodies.

Then we went out for sushi.

Back home, Grace tries on her new boots (it’ll be snowing in Denver in a few weeks!) and then everyone took naps. Now we’re just chilling. So… I might not post again this week. But you never know. Just to be sure you don’t miss something, you could subscribe:-)

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