Writing on Wednesday: Pre-Order The Shoe Burnin’ Anthology NOW!

sb_-book_coverBreaking News! The Shoe Burnin’ Anthology: Stories of Southern Soul is available for pre-order NOW!

This terrific collection of stories, essays and music from over twenty Southern authors and musicians will debut in NINE DAYS at the Louisiana Book Festival! It comes with a CD, making it a perfect Christmas gift for your friends who love good music and literature.

My essay, “Eat, Drink, Repeat: One Woman’s Three-Day Search for Everything,” is included in the anthology.

Shoe Burnin' Editor, Joe Formichella
Shoe Burnin’ Editor, Joe Formichella


It’s edited by Joe Formichella and published by a brand spanking new independent press, River’s Edge Media in Little Rock, Arkansas.
Two of the singer-songwriters featured in the anthology are Gramy-winning husband and wife, Chuck Cannon and Lari White. Watch this video of them singing Chuck’s ACM song-of-the year winner, “I Love the Way You Love Me.”

Story-teller and singer-songwriter, Michael Reno Harrell is another contributor. Enjoy a taste of Michael’s talents here as he sings “Southern Suggestions”.

Grammy Award-winner, Rodney Crowell, has these fancy words to say about The Shoe Burnin’ Anthology:

Homicidal librarians, French twisted, stilletto’d and on the lam, flip flop shod Bessie Smith wannabe’s and cowboy booted, beauties out to prove that to get gone a woman doesn’t need fast footwear; good-ole-boys sporting Red Wing lace-up’s and an emergency medical trained aversion to Converse wearing co-ed’s pulling volunteer duty on a cat-4 tornado cleanup crew; guilt ridden bird-dog lover’s and holders onto of life’s half-forgotten keepsakes: all this and more from a coalition of wordsmiths, story-tellers and song-swappers whose whiskey whetted forebears first stumbled onto the notion that on a cold winter’s night in the deep south, it’s better to burn shoe leather than brave a trip to the woodpile.

Chuck Cannon, Shari Smith and Michael Reno Harrell on the porch at Waterhole Branch
Chuck Cannon, Shari Smith and Michael Reno Harrell on the porch at Waterhole Branch

So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the video, meet the authors, ‘LIKE” our Facebook page, and PRE-ORDER the book now! Many thanks!

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