Faith on Friday: Courage and Kindness in Kiev and Syria

Ortohdox priest Kiev


I’m sure by now everyone has seen this image of an Orthodox priest standing between the police and protesters in Kiev. There are many more images I could share, but this one struck me as a powerful picture of courage. Of faith. I’m sure this video only captures a small picture of what is happening there. I’ve never lived in a war zone. My faith has never been tested in this way, but I don’t think I would be so brave.



And with the world watching Sochi and the security issues surrounding the upcoming Olympic Games, I think it’s important not to forget those suffering in Syria. Our Orthodox parish here in Memphis recently participated with other parishes within the Antiochian Orthodox Church here in America to send aid to help the orphans of war in Syria. One account says that over four million Syrian children have been displaced throughout the country, thousands of them arriving in refugee camps without family.

article-0-14A1D72F000005DC-393_472x344Our parish recently sent donations, but there are ways individuals can help. Check out, an organization that works inside Syria to hand deliver food to orphans and to help provide shelter.

It’s hard to watch the news these days. But once we see these images, aren’t we responsible to help? Isn’t that part of what faith does? Whether or not we can be brave, surely we can show kindness.

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