>I Shall Wear Purple—warning: girlie post with a nod to the fabric of our lives

>I really wasn’t trying to cause a stir… I just like to be comfortable. Well, yea, and it’s nice if you can look good while you’re being comfortable, of course. But when I wore my new “comfy USA” modal dress to church this morning, I was almost embarrassed by the compliments. Almost. (This is the dress, at right outside Jacques-Imo’s, the first night I wore it, in New Orleans.) My favorite comments came from two different friends who separately told me, as they caressed the unbelievably soft fabric, and I told them it was modal, “Oh, I’ve got modal pajamas and they are the softest thing I’ve ever worn!”

Pajamas. So, there I was at church, wearing a dress that did, indeed, feel like pajamas. These friends knew right away what modal was (each time you see the word “modal,” there will be a link to more info, for you serious fabric people) although I hadn’t heard of it. And another friend, a serious fashion person, said, “Oh, yes, that’s the new Rayon. Feels like silk but wears like knit.”

Not only that, it’s machine washable and dryable and doesn’t cling or lose its shape. Pretty amazing stuff.

And another friend said, “that color is great on you!” I hadn’t really chosen the dress for the color, but it was the only color this particular style came in at the store. It’s… purple! I’m really not a purple person. It’s my mother’s favorite color. She’s 80. And it always makes me think about that poem, “When I Am an Old Woman, I Shall Wear Purple.

Anyway, I guess I’m old, ‘cause that purple dress is now my favorite. (I tried to convince myself it was blue when I bought it. Or at least eggplant.) I guess I’ll be looking for a red hat next! Once I was eating lunch at a motel restaurant in Grenada, Mississippi (yes) and a local group of the Red Hat Society came in for a luncheon. I remember thinking that might be me some day. But I need a red hat, right? Like this one on ebay maybe? (at right)

And modal fabric—oh, my gosh!

Anyway, I got the dress in a cute little boutique in the French Quarter called Wise Buys…. here’s a news story about Wise Buys, back in November of 2005, when they were just trying to recover from Hurricane Katrina… glad they made it!

So, this afternoon I’m wanting more modal and I start trying to figure out where to buy another dress or skirt or top or something made of modal. I checked the tag on the dress—the brand is “comfy U.S.A”. … their web site is for retailers only, but I emailed them and asked where I can find their clothes…

the tag on the dress also said “Lenzing Modal” but it’s all in German, so if you read German, you can learn a lot at the Lenzing site…. oh well…

I might have to call the store tomorrow and ask where else I can get dresses like that! I found the sales ticket with their phone number, so maybe I’ll call them on Monday. In the meanwhile, if anyone knows where to buy “comfy USA” brand clothes, or any clothes (other than lingerie and pajamas) made with modal, please let me know. The fabric is addictive!

And I don’t really mind the compliments, either. But I’m not quite old enough for the Red Hat Society. I hope! But when I’m ready to start a chapter in Midtown Memphis, I’ll let you know!

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