Mental Health Monday: Eat Pomegranates, Read Rumi, and Do Loving Things

SallySnowI woke up thinking about what to write for my post today. As I often do, I stayed in bed for a while after the alarm went off, paying attention to the end of a dream and then moving forward with mental notes for the day. Although I have a busy week with lots of plans leading up to our departure for Denver on Saturday to spend Christmas with our kids and grands, most of my “to do” list isn’t really overwhelming. And yet.

There must be something universal about emotional and mental struggles in December. (You’re thinking, “duh,” right?)

Before getting to the writing, I spent about an hour and a half dealing with medical stuff—mostly insurance, bills, appointments, prescription refills, organizing my mother’s files—which is just something grownups do, I know, but this morning I was just tired of it, you know? But I’m sure there was something underlying my weariness, and I’m pretty sure it’s related to what Anne Lamott wrote about on Facebook today.  She wasn’t having loving feelings, either.

Persephone With Pomegranate
Persephone With Pomegranate

I loved her honest rant where she shared her jealousy and irritations with various folks and situations. But she didn’t leave it there. She didn’t give in to it and wallow in self-pity and indulge in over-eating and drinking and depression. What did she do? She DID NICE THINGS FOR HERSELF AND OTHERS, including gift-giving, exercise, healthy eating, and (I love this) ended the day on the couch, eating a pomegranate and reading poems about pomegranates by Rumi. Here’s how she summed up her actions:

Note to self: If you want to have loving feelings, do loving things.

So, what loving things can I do this week, for myself and others? Under consideration:

Get on the elliptical machine every day. (I can only do 5-10 minutes, but it’s a start towards recovery. My physical therapy appointments are over.)

Deliver Christmas gifts to friends I won’t see at Christmas due to our out of town plans.

Go to our 10-year-old Goddaughter’s basketball game Tuesday night.

Make a trip to Jackson to: (1) have lunch with my niece; (2) visit Mom and take her Christmas gifts and help her enjoy the nursing home’s Christmas party; (3) have a sleep-over with a good friend.

Get a manicure and pedicure.

Take our oldest son out to dinner Thursday night since we won’t be with him for Christmas this year. (We’re exchanging gifts early.)

Buy myself a pomegranate and eat it. (You can read about my love of pomegranates, which began back in 2009, here.)

The Red CouchI’m already feeling more loving. If you’re struggling with dark feelings during this holiday season, try Lamott’s wisdom. Do loving things.

Thanks for reading. That’s a loving thing!

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