Mental Health Monday: Swimming Towards Hope

After last Monday’s post, “The Hidden Pantomime of Sorrow,” I asked you to come back today for some encouraging words. I’ve been reading the final chapter of Caroline Knapp’s book, (Appetites: Why Women Want) “Swimming Towards Hope.” And I had every intention of writing a serious post about it today.

 But that was before.

Before I woke up Sunday morning with intense pain in my left shoulder and neck. Evidently a trigger point I’ve been nursing for several years finally started sending racking pain into my neck. While it was only hurting when I turned my head before, now it’s hurting when I’m doing nothing at all.

Ouch! I spent most of Sunday and today under the influence of pain meds and ice paks. I’m headed to the doctor at 4:30.

So…. PLEASE COME BACK NEXT MONDAY. Here’s a teaser (from “Swimming Towards Hope”):

“Appetite—naming it, satisfying it—is a monumental struggle for many women, a long-distance swim against a current of painful feeling, but I don’t think I could have tackled the subject if I didn’t feel the presence of some other current, moving in an opposite direction, if I didn’t feel some hope.”

Yes, Caroline Knapp is going to bring spirituality, possibility, joy, even satiety (my personal favorite) into the conclusion of her book.


More will be revealed….

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    1. Thanks, Carol. I’m on muscle relaxers and pain meds now, so I’d better not write too much under the influence:-) thanks for reading….

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