>New Year’s in Denver

>Just now downloading a few photos from our wonderful New Year’s weekend in Denver with our kids (minus Jon, who was with us in Memphis for Christmas) and grandkids. Too busy to write (we’re moving on Monday, and I’m not sure Pops got the memo… ) so I’ll just post a few pics for now. This first one cracks me up because Anna’s “ponytail” makes Jason look like he has a crazy goatee! My next post will be from our new digs. Have a great weekend!

Susu loves Anna’s new Barbie guitar. We’re working on a duet here. Anna is 17 months old. Child prodigy. Did I mention her name is Anna SUSAN?

Pops and Grace like to veg out watching football together.

Grace loves her Dora Explorer doll and book.

Anna loves ribbons and wrapping paper.

Pops and Susu with the girls…. 2 reasons to consider a move to Denver in our future….

Anna and Susu snuggle.

A rare and special mother-daughter moment:-)

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