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Four years ago this summer I decided to organize my blog posts into three categories: Mental Health Monday, Writing on Wednesday, and Faith/Family on Friday. Over 600 blog posts later—keeping for the most part within those parameters—I might be ready for a change. I had been blogging for five years (since 2007) without using those categories, but in 2012 something shifted in my small corner of the blogosphere. I think I was craving organization. And most days it’s helpful to have those writing prompts for the blog. But sometimes—like on any given Friday—I might not have something on my heart about faith or family. And not every Monday finds me “cryin’ all of the time.” Since I write—or read or research or think or do something related to writing—almost every day, I don’t really need Wednesdays as a category for writing.

As I write these words, I’m wondering what it might feel like to wake up on a Monday morning, for example, and think, “Hm. I don’t have to write about mental health today. I can write about anything!” Would that free up the muse, or break down the discipline I’ve been following for four years?

Of course it’s no small thing that one of the main topics I blogged about for Mental Health Mondays was my mother’s journey (and mine as her caregiver) with Alzheimer’s, and that journey ended with her death in May, so I know I’m feeling a huge gap, not only in my life, but in my writing world. (I penned sixty posts about Mom over the past nine years.)

So, I’m considering a change. But I want to know what you, my readers, think. Do you enjoy having these categories for the blog? Do you only read the blog on certain days, when you know I’m going to be writing within a category that interests you? Please leave a comment here, on Facebook, or email me at [email protected] and let me know your thoughts. If I quit using these categories, it won’t be a change I’ll make lightly (if it ain’t broke….).

Have a great weekend, and thanks, always, for reading!

5 thoughts on “Time For a Change?”

  1. Time for a cool change, as the song says. Take whatever direction you need to say your piece. You have a voice, and voices sometimes change. I so enjoy your posts, just blog on!

  2. Your words are always inspiring, even the ones that may be heart-breaking. I vote for letting the world knock on your creative soul and for you to open the door to possibility!

    1. Thanks, Emma. Most of the comments I’ve gotten (mostly emails, a few on FB) have said not to worry about staying with the themes. So… when I wake up tomorrow morning, I might not be thinking “It’s MENTAL HEALTH MONDAY! What am I going to write about?”

  3. I am behind (in just about every way), but want to echo what others are saying. I read your posts regardless of category, so I hope that you won’t feel constrained to stick to your prior organizational strategy. I’m guessing the Monday – Wednesday-Friday schedule may work well for you to retain, but what topics you choose can vary as the Spirit/muse moves. Of course, I don’t care if your days shift, either, as I usually don’t see your posts until at least one day later and sometimes more….

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